{"'Liebchen, this is the other half of the earth. In Germany you would be yellow and blue.' Mirror-metaphysics." - Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow}

Fashionably Late III: Hats - a perimeter of privacy

Clothes are invented to keep us warm. They are also helpful in creating an identity of one’s own. Their main purpose if you ask me however is to create distance, distance between oneself and all the scruffy neo-liberals that crowd the streets. In this respect hats are invaluable. Just one example to illustrate my point: imagine you’re on a crowded tram, where the seats are maliciously placed back to back so that the person sitting behind you’s probably unwashed hair is constantly threatening to touch yours. Well, wear a hat and there’s at least a border, a perimeter of privacy that cannot be so easily penetrated by strangers’ undesired nearness.

By the way, the orange hat was made by Liezet, my incredibly skilful and creative mother-in-law (and no, she doesn’t sell her hats).

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